International Youth Day

Action 2015


With the expiration of the MDGs and the adoption of the new set of global development goals (SDGs), 2015 is an epochal transition year during which the global community adopts bold people-centered and planet-sensitive development goals, and creates the needed global partnership for the prosperity of all. The SDGs provide another opportunity to galvanize global, regional, national and local efforts towards achieving a safeguarding our present whiles securing the future for the current and the next generation.

Since January of this year, members of Action 2015 Ghana, have undertaken various forms of actions and interventions to engage our leaders to take and commit to bold decisions in the post 2015 agenda. We have also engage citizens of the country to inform, educate and thus empower them for their active participation and involvement in the post 2015 agenda, especially towards implementation and accountability.

From September 25- 27th during the 70th UN General Assembly, Presidents and Head of States of the UN shall gather to formally adopt the SDGs (Agenda 2030) and commit themselves towards its implementation at all levels; global, regional and national.

Action 2015/Ghana is using this opportunity to further engage leaders and the average citizens to aspire and commit to the better future that we collectively aspire for. PAYDP Ghana is leading a coalition to organize

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