Peer Research

PAYDP Ghana has partnered FORWARD UK to conduct two peer researches one in Accra for Kayeyei’s and one in Tamale. The PEER research was into issues affecting girl’s lives in Tamale, Northern Ghana and in Accra with Kayeyei’s. The issues that came out were of kayayei leading to dropping out of school, early pregnancy, also of polygamy amongst their fathers leading to less income to send girl children to school, also sexual abuse by teachers in schools came out as a major issue. This research informed the project approaches taken to working with girls and women in Tamale. The existing girls clubs and networks (consisting of hundreds of members all over the country) set up by the girls with support from PAYDP and FORWARD, supports other girls after school and in their community. These clubs and networks empower girls through education on rights, sexual and reproductive health issues and provide training and resources for income generating activities such as bread making and jewellery making.

PAYDP is based in Accra and FORWARD will be working with them to complete research into the conditions for the girl street porters working in Accra in the second research.

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